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Elliott's founders

Elliott's is Celebrating our 70th Anniversary 1952-2022

Elliott's Fine Nutrition is Sacramento's original natural food store, serving your community since 1952 with the finest quality vitamins, supplements, organic produce and groceries.

Visit Elliott’s in Citrus Heights or Folsom to experience our up to date nutritional information, get the best prices on quality vitamins and supplements, and get great service from our wonderfully informed and caring staff.

Our Mission Statement

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I learned about fine nutrition the easy way. I just followed my father around our store and listened to him converse with people who came in with questions about their health concerns. Every night after dinner, my father, Walker Elliott, read big fat books on the subject of nutrition and its impact on health. In the morning, he would go to Elliott’s and share what he had learned and assimilated. For me, every day at the store was a day of Immersive Nutrition Schooling.

Here is what he taught me. Ask questions. It’s that simple. That is why when you come into Elliott’s Fine Nutrition stores we ask you lots and lots of questions. .. Such as what is your favorite food? How do you sleep? What kind of food gives you indigestion? What do you crave and when do you crave it? Are you a driven personality or a more laid back kind of person? At what time of the day do you feel the best and when do you seem to lose your energy?

There is no such thing as a “One Size Fits All” in nutrition. In all the years I have worked with people and their health, I have yet to meet an AVERAGE PERSON. Your nutrition needs are unique to you. Which supplements are best for you, can only be determined by how much you know about YOU.

To be healthy in body and mind, you have to pay attention to what your body is telling you. . . If you do not understand your body’s messaging service. . come into Elliott’s Fine Nutrition Stores and “Just Ask!” It’s exactly what we do all day.


Here's to a Healthy, Happier You!